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Lamb, Bruce D
Served 8/78-8/80 in Helsinki, Turku, Salo, Lahti, Oulu
Home: Lethbridge, Alberta
Married, 2 children
Attended dental school after my return home. Married my best friend Margo Culp after she returned home from her mission. Our two sons, Scott and Jordan, are the joy of our lives. I spend my time in family pursuits, church service, and of course the daily trip to my office. I wish you all well.

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Larsen, Jeff W.
Served 7/78-7/80 in Rauma, Pori, Hyvinkää, Helsinki (Marjaniemi), Oulu
Home: Redmond, Washington
Married, 4 children
Keeping busy with kids and sports, work, church, and wife.

Larson, Ralph V.
Served 8/59-3/62 in Lappeenranta, Tampere, Riihimäki, Etelä Haaga, Oulu, Lahti, Kemi
Home: Provo
6 children
Director, Dept. Evening Classes, BYU; Teach Finnish History and related topics at BYU.

Leavitt, Douglas D.
Served 5/92-11/93 in Kokkoka, Kemi, Helsinki
Married, 1 child

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Ledbetter, Andrew
Served 10/80-7/82 in Pori, Helsinki, Haaga, Lahti
Home: Ivins, Utah
Married, 4 children

Lehnardt, Heidemarie Anna
Heidemarie Anna Morris

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Lehtinen, Juha
Served 7/75-8/76 in Porvoo, Hämeenlinna, Helsinki
Home: Klaukkala
Married, 4 children
Married to Ulla Uusitalo from Turku. Moved around and lived in Norway and Portugal. Then settled to Klaukkala outside Helsinki. Now working in field data communications.

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Leppänen, A Ilkka T
Served 7/73-7/75 in Helsinki, Lahti, Pietarsaari, Kuusankoski/Kouvola, Lahti (again), Lähetystoimisto, Joensuu
Home: Peoria, Arizona
Married, 3 children
After graduating from BYU Ruth, my wife, I & Mikael, our oldest, moved to Indianapolis for 3 years. There we were blessed with a daughter, Elisa. We came to Arizona for me to go to graduate school & here was born our youngest, Erik. We keep busy with family work and Church callings. Mikael is getting ready to go on a mission, he wants to go to Finland. Would love to hear from you who know me. And if ever in the Valley of the Sun, please stop by.

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Lichfield, Jason B
Served 9/90-8/92 in Helsinki, Joensuu, Mikkeli, Seinajoki, Rauma, Vaasa
Home: Layton, Utah
Married, 1 child
Been married to Sherri since 94' and loving life. Would be great to hear from friends and comps that I served with.

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Lochhead, Robert Bruce
Served 6/94-7/96 in Kerava, Neitsytpolku, Jyväskylä, Lahti
Home: Kaysville, Utah
I am a junior in Economics at BYU and have been teaching at the MTC since November 1996. I am involved in music and theater.

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Lords, Todd
Served 6/80-6/82 in Salo, Pori, Helsinki, Kemi
Home: Idaho Falls, Idaho
Married, 5 children
I have been working for DOE for 14 years. I work as a computer programmer.

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Lyon, Ralph W.
Served 6/72-6/74 in Myyrmäki, Mikkeli, Kuopio, Joensuu, Jyväskylä
Home: Westminster, Colorado
Married, 5 children
I am a statistician/quality engineer for Management Analysis Corporation, employed at the Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site near Denver, Colorado. I am currently serving on the High Council in the newly created Westminster Stake. (5/97)



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