Returned Missionaries H


<! Added 23 October 1997>

Hall Lawrence S.
Served 6/66-11/68
Home: Taylorsville, Utah
Married, 4 children

Halverson, Jeramie
Served 12/92-12/94 in Hämeenlinna, Kerava, Imatra, Helsinki (Marjaniemi), Hyvinkää
Home: Fruit Heights, Utah
Going to school

<! Added 22Jan98>

Hamson, Steven J
Served 12/80-6/82 in Jyväskylä, Helsinki, Pori
Home: Vancouver, Washington
Married, 4 children

Hanninen, Pipsa Ilona
Pipsa Airto

<! Added 21 October 1997>

Hansen, Erik David
Served 6/93-6/95 in Rovaniemi, Tampere, Kerava, Helsinki, Kotka
Home: Midvale, Utah

<! Added 2 July 1997>

Hansen, Paul
Served 5/89-5/91 in Pieksämäki, Turku, Vantaa, Rauma, Oulu, and Haaga
Home: Raleigh, North Carolina
Finishing an environmental chemistry degree at NC State University. Married Mindee Bills Hansen 08/94.

Hansen, Uwe J.
Served 2/57-8/59 in Helsinki (office), Jyväskylä, Kuopio, Tampere, Vaasa
Home: Terre Haute, Indiana
Married, 2 children
Chairperson, Department of Physics, Indiana State University

<! Added 19 December 1997>

Hanson, Mark Dale
Served 7/66-12/68 in Jyväskylä, Oulu, Vaasa, Kerava, Helsinki
Home: Sandy, Utah
Married, 3 children
Spouse: Katrinna Harinen Hanson

<! Added 8 November 1997>

Hanson, Trudy
Served 10/90-4/92 in Lappeenranta, Marjaniemi, Kotka
Home: Midvale, Utah
Terve, ystavia! Here is what's happening with me. I just graduated this last year from Utah State University in Choral Education and Music Therapy. I also obtained a piano performance and teaching certificate. So I feel like I have almost obtained three degrees of glory. It certainly has seemed like an "eternal progression." I am working as music therapist at the Hartvigsen school for disabled children. I really enjoy my work. This summer the family I lived with when I was teaching in Russia is going to stay with me. I keep studying, so if any of you want to form a study group or want to volunteer to host them or take them around the city when I cannot, please contact me. I am very excited for their arrival, and it seems that are having experiences that are preparing them to understand the gospel principles.
Let's keep in contact, friends! And if you don't know me, feel free to write and get acquainted. Rakaudella, Trudy

Harris, Lowell D.
Served 9/62-3/65 in Jyväskylä, Helsinki, Kokkola, Valkeakoski, Varkaus, Kuopio
Married, 5 children
I Married the former Kathleen Tomlinson and we have five children. I have lived in Minnesota, Illinois, Wisconsin and now Pittsburgh since graduating the second time from the University of Utah in 1974.

<! Added 27 June 1997>

Harrison, Harlan F.
Served 10/57-6/60 in Hämeenlinna, Helsinki, Turku, Tampere, Oulu, Kokkola
Home: Provo
Married, 9 children
Married Vuokko Väänänen, Kuopio. She teaches grade school part time and serves in stake Relief Society. I work at BYU Library and teach Sunday School. We had a marvelous trip to Finland and Estonia July 1996.

Harrison, Mimsi A.
Served 5/83-11/84 in Vaasa, Lahti, Jyväskylä, Helsinki
Home: Provo
I own a fun educational toy store in Provo.

<! Added 1 April 1997>

Henderson, Angela R. (formerly Glover)
Served 6/92-12/93 in Hämeenlinna, Vaasa, Marjaniemi, Haaga
Home: Logan, Utah
I work in the accounting dept. of a local computer firm and help manage the books of an architectual products firm my husband and I own. I also enjoy participating in the Young Women's program of our ward (1st counselor).

<! Added 4.9.98>

Hennegan, Brandon J
Served 10/89-10/91 in Joensuu, Jyväskylä, Varkaus, Kouvola, Kokkola, Helsinki, Mission Office
Home: Arlington, Texas
Married, one child
Working for GTE as a system administrator.
Graduating with a BS in Computer Science Engineering on August 15, 1998

<! Added 22Jan98>

Higbee, Brent C
Served 6/71-6/73 in Oulu, Kajaani, Rauma, Helsinki, Vaasa, Pietarsaari, Tampere, Kokkola
Home: Taylorsville, Utah
Married, 5+ children
Married, wonderful wife, combined family of 9 kids (2@20,18,2@16,14,13,2@9). Three grand kids. No missy's yet, but we're still workin' on those coming up.
Just this year,proved how rusty my lingual skills are during a business trip to Nokia @ Tampere. Got a chance to use some of those phrases that have been running around in my mind for 20+ years...
Presently I'm an engineer at 3Com.

<! Added 20.10.98>

Hiltunen, Vesa K
Served 1984 in Helsinki, Joensuu, Lahti, Varkaus
Home: Östersundom
Terveiset kaikille tutuille.

<! Added 14 January 1998>

Hirst, Jerry Paul
Served 11/62-5/65 in Haaga, Pori, Rovaniemi, Oulu, Hämeenlinna, Helsinki
Home: Sandy, Utah
Married, 4 children

Hirst, Paul Michael
Served 5/89-6/91 in Varkaus, Riihimäki, Hämeenlinna, Rovaniemi, Oulu and Helsinki
Group photo:
Christmas conference
Home: St. Louis, Missouri
Married, 2 children.
Soon to be graduate of Washington University (in St. Louis) School of Architecture (M. Arch). Married, Teresa Jensen; 2 Children, Elena 3, Newel 8 mos.

<! Added 1.9.98>

Hjorth, Eldon
Served 5/65-11/67 in Kokkola, Lahti, Turku, Helsinki
Home: Taylorsville, Utah
Married, 7 children

Hodge, Korleen
Korleen Beardsley

Holden, Lyle
Served 3/87-9/88 in Vaasa, Helsinki, Pori and Hämeenlinna
Home: Moscow, Idaho
Married, three children
Majoring in metallurgical engineering at the
University of Idaho; will graduate December 1996

<! Added 3.10.98>

Holman, Guy Alan
Served 1/88-12/89 in Helsinki, Hämeenlinna, Kemi, Kotka, Marjaniemi, Pori, Riihimäki, Savonlinna, Turku, Varkaus
Home: Santa Rosa, California
Married, one child
I am currently a student at Sonoma State University majoring in Liberal Studies / Special Education. I work for the county schools in special education with emotionally disturbed students. I have been married four glorious years and have a 16 month old son.

Honkonen, Irmeli
Served 11/74-5/76 in Tampere, Jyväskylä, Helsinki
Home: Konginkangas
I served as a welfare services missionary in Canada Winnipeg Mission (8/79-2/81). I also served as a temple missionary in Stockholm Sweden Temple (11/92-4/94). I'm a pediatric nurse and searching for a new job right now.

Honkonen, Marja-Leena
Marja-Leena Virkamäki

<! Added 13 August 1997>

Horton, Gary R.
Served 75-77 in Hyvinkää, Vaasa, Porvoo, Rauma
Home: Valencia, California
Married, 3 children
I am busy raising our three kids with my lovely wife, Carrie. Jon, the eldest, is just getting ready for college. After forever, I finished up an MBA at Loyola Marymount University in LA. I do some real estate development, and own a site contracting business. We live in Valencia, CA (you know, Magic Mountain) Currently I am attending the local Lutheran Church. Odd, huh? I loved my experiences in Finland, and have been back twice with my whole family.
I would love to hear from old companions and friends.

Howell, Larry L.
Served 9/82-4/84 in Espoo, Rauma, Helsinki, Kemi
Home: Orem, Utah
Married, 3 children
Professor at
BYU in Mechanical Engineering.

<! Added 7.6.98>

Hughes, Mark
Served 1/93-1/95 in Joensuu, Helsinki, Pori, Marjaniemi
Home: Cedar City, Utah

<! Added 7 April 1997>

Huls, Shaun
Served 1/93-12/94 in Oulu, Savonlinna, Kotka, Jyväskylä
Home: North Logan, Utah
Studying at Utah State University. Married June 10 of 95. No kids as of yet.

<! Added 29Jan98>

Humpherys, Delton L
Served 8/76-8/78 in Turku, Vantaa, Hämeenlinna, Mikkeli, Hyvinkää, Rauma
Home: Arco, Idaho
Married, 2 children

Huskey, Darryl
Served 8/56-3/59 in Helsinki, Kuopio, Oulu, Pori, Kotka and Helsinki
Home: Boise, Idaho
Married, four children
Librarian-Boise State University. Church calling-High council-Boise Id.Stake

Härö, Matti Juhani
Served 2/86-2/88 in Jakobstad and Sweden
Home: Tampere
Married, two children
Working as a design engineer for Infosto Research & Development. My job is to design and implement software for electronic trade.



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