Veli Martin the Interpreter

Ok, this story takes place after I came home, but still interesting. While serving in the Marine Corps, I took a language test to see if I was fluent in any languages other than english. I took the Finnish test, made in the 50's, and passed! I was later called from some Col. in D.C. The Marines needed an interpreter for Finnish. So, for a whole month I escorted about 10 Finns around Washington. Of course they wanted to know how I learned Finnish, and then I was able to explain that I was a missionary, which led to many discussions. I just happended to be the only Marine that took the test, and was considered "fluent", of which I am grateful. It was a great experience, and I made some good friends in the process. Some of the Finns even promised to look up the missionaries, and say "hello". Hopefully some seeds were planted.

Contributed by Bruce Martin

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