1998 Juhannus

Juhannus Celebration!
when: June 20th 1998 at 5:00 p.m.
where: Rainbow Bay at Deer Creek Resevoir in Utah. Rainbow Bay is approximately halfway between the Deer Creek Dam and Heber, Utah. The site will be clearly marked from the highway (which runs along the East side of the resevoir) with either markers which say "Finns" or with blue and white balloons.
who: all Finnish Mission RMs are invited
From Derek White...
This is a Juhannus celebration. Please bring your own picnic dinner and some kind of Finnish food to share (if you have any cooking abilities). Lawn chairs and a card table are recommended--as well as bug spray. Expect the resevoir to be about one degree above freezing but the weather should be nice. We're hoping for a bonfire if laws permit. This is the beginning of a tradition of Juhannus celebrations so come help establish it. Todd Porter, Eldon Nelson, and Derek White are organizing this one.
Contact person: Derek White

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