How about some Simaa ja Tippaleipiä for your Vappu festivities? (So what is this vappu? Don't you remember? It's the first day of May, when all the white ylioppilas caps are brought out, some looking rather yellow, and donned by all those who have earned the high rank of ylioppilas. And remember those vappuhuiskat, looking rather like cheer-leading pom-poms . . .)

Sima recipe

Place in a large bowl, preferably something with a tight lid:

1 lemon's outer rind ("zest")
1 lb. sugar
1 gallon boiling water
1 pkt. dried yeast
juice from lemon

Add into the bottles:
raisins, sugar

Rinse and dry lemon, grate its outer yellow peal. Place in the container. Add the sugar and water. Cover the container and let the mixture cool. When lukewarm, add yeast and juice. Let stand for two days. Sima is then poured into bottles through a sieve. Add 1 tsp. sugar and a couple of raisins in each bottle. Cap each bottle tightly and place in a cool place. After about a week or two, the raisins will have floated to the top, which is a good indication that sima is ready for your enjoyment. So---enjoy! (Be careful not to let it ferment too long. You might enjoy it too much!)

Contributed by Liisa Berg

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