Note:This information is now kept in the new alumni website. please follow This link and post a message either in the guestbook or in messages areaThis lost missionary list is very old and is most likely out of date.

Lost missionaries

If you know the current whereabouts of the following missionaries, or if you can help in any other way, please let us know, or E-mail the italicized people directly.

Elders Limb, Moore, Olson. Last heard James Limb in LA, Moore was from Saint George, Olson was from Salt Lake. Michael Irvin Bosley

Peter Rowan Noorda. Served 1972-74. Originally from Pocatello, Idaho. Last seen at BYU in 1974.Rosalyn Struck Hansen

Elders Poulsen (?) and Johnson. They served in Tampere, Finland around 1971-72, and they baptised a single mother, Anita Virtanen who had four sons (that's my mom). I would like to let them know what happened to our family since then. If there's anyone who knows these two, would you let me know, please? Jari J. Vesterinen

Eila Lappalainen. She was a senior sister missionary from California. She served in Finland 1993-94. She was my companion in Tampere. Brooke M. Russell

Veli Hogan ja Hubler. They both went home in 1989. Kati Eronen

Elders Holt, Stokes, Jensen, Gifford, Davis, Kunz, Heaton. They all served in Turku and they all hooped! Sakari Vuorela

Elizabeth Matthewson. Mark Gibson

David Kemple. I know he served from '89-91, and he had one green eye and one blue eye. If you know where I might could find him, please let me know. John Wright

Ralph Monson. Served 62-64. In Hämeenlinna most of 63. From Denver. At BYU in late 60s. Robert Bushman -- (703) 644-2975

Tom Rasmussen. Served approx 64-66. In Lahti spring 65. Later went to the Y. Robert Bushman -- (703) 644-2975

David (L.?) Young. He was released in Nov 1981. Served at least in Pori and Turku. His home address then was 287 E 500 N, Provo Utah 84601 I called him Pikkuveli. We were teaching a girl named Sari in Pori, she was studying to be a teacher. I don't know if she ever got baptized. Would be ever so grateful for ANY information from somebody. Sinikka Suominen

Elders Andy Garrity and Brian Hanna. Served under Pres. Mecham 1987-89. Hanna has parents/relatives in Oregon. Garrity is from Idaho. Adam Q. Cannon -- 503-842-1487

Marshall Scott. Served with us 6/72 - 6/74. A great guy! Darwin Rasmussen

Stewart Taylor. He served at least in Vaasa in 1982 and was from Arizona.
If you know where he is, please tell me. My kids are now in a school where there's a teacher who was taught by him in 1982. She's told our daughter that she'd like it if she could get in touch with him again. She's not (yet) a member, but married with kids, so this is no matchmaking scheme! Veli-Matti Mäkilä -- +358-400-525 044

Veli Grigg He went home in May 97, he is from Idaho and I think he is studying at Ricks right now. He served at least in Kotka and Neitsytpolku. Anna Hansen

Lloyd Kriter home town: Snowflake, AZ
was a greenie: winter of '90 in Lahti
then was with me in Helsiki (Haaga) in Jan. of '91
Dave Shipp

Eric Berg Larson Served in Kemi summer 1991.Originated from Sitka, Alaska,but got lost (?) in moving to Utah. Linda

Val Higginbotham Served 9/61 to 4/64, lived in SLC, UT. Brent Richman

Gary Fuller Reese Served 9/61 to 4/64, lived in Stilicom, WA. Is a professional librarian. Worked in the Mission office. Brent Richman

David Beggs URGENT!!! He served in 74-76 under Pres. Mahoney. I would so much like to talk to him. He is a wonderful guy, and I hear that he is kind of floating around and about right now. Gary Horton -- 805-253-1360

David Noyes I believe he was from Salina Utah, served in Tampere as the DL or ZL in late '61. Brent Richman

Eugene Hooper Served from '61 to '63, lived in Salt Lake before his mission and after his mission. Worked in the genealogy library for many years. Brent Richman

Alisa Barnes and Brita Peterson They just came home (on March 20) from Finland. I taught them in the MTC and would like to get a hold of them. Sean Healy

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